Solfeggio Frequencies

What are the Solfeggio Frequencies?

6/9/20216 min read

     The solfeggio frequencies are part of the olden six-tone scale believed to have incorporated sacred music, inclusive of the famous and beautiful Gregorian Chants. The unique tones and chants are found to impart spiritual blessings when they are played harmoniously. Every solfeggio tone comprises frequencies necessary for balancing energy, keeping the spirit, mind, and body in a perfect form of harmony. Solfeggio is the use of sol-fa syllables to note scale tones, that is, solmization. Solfeggio is also known as a singing exercise where syllables will be used other than using texts. There exist two types of solfeggio: the movable-do and the fixed-do. There are six main solfeggio frequencies:

  • The 396 Hz for liberating one from fear and guilt

  • The 417 Hz frequencies for facilitating change and undoing situations

  • The 528 Hz for miracles and transformations like DNA repair

  • The 639 Hz frequencies for relationships and reconnecting

  • The 741 Hz solfeggio frequencies for getting solutions and expressing themselves

  • The 852 Hz frequencies for returning one to a spiritual order

  • The 963 HZ solfeggio frequencies create room for oneness and unity.

There are several benefits linked with the solfeggio frequencies:

-Relieving pain and tension: The 174 HZ frequencies relieves a person from tension and pain. When one is listening to this type of music, they will observe their breath gradually slowing down, making them very relaxed as they drift off to quiet meditation. Healing frequencies will relax the muscles, thereby alleviating tension or pain. -Safety, energy, and survival are linked with the solfeggio frequencies at 285 Hz. It is a frequency linked to the root Muladhara or Chakra. It is the body’s most fundamental and primal energy center at the base of a person’s spine. The Chakra regulates all the energy relating to safety, survival, and instinct.

-The 396 Hz Solfeggio Frequencies release fear and guilt. When listening to the frequency, the feelings of fear and guilt kick in. A mantra can be used for harmony to be obtained from the ancient Solfeggio frequencies.

-The 417 Hz releases negativity and all past trauma. One will experience relief because the negative experiences and influences from the past slowly leave their consciousness. It is linked to solar plexus chakra and color yellow.

-528 Hz is for clarity, peace, and DNA healing: it is a miracle tone or the love frequencies which have been claimed to heal the DNA and also cleanses an individual from any diseases and sickness. Healing impact is amplified through toning and meditation.

-Healing interpersonal relationships using 639 Hz: it is a frequency with an ability to reconnect because it allows one to meditate on themselves, their life, and those of the people they value and love.

-Problem-solving and improving emotional stability using 741 Hz: it allows the mind to expand, filling it with various solutions and new ways for self-expression. It unwinds a person’s worries and troubles, allowing one to think freely. It creates room for a healthier and stable emotional position and time for more profound intuition. To create harmony with the universe and yourself: use the 852 HZ solfeggio frequencies so that you can heighten your intuitions and alignment with spiritual orders. You can connect with an omnipresent spirit in the universes and bring back harmony to yourself.

-The 963 HZ solfeggio frequencies create room for oneness and unity. It awakens your interactions with oneness and interconnectedness with the universes. You get pure and bright visions and thoughts in your mind.

    The 432HzThis is a natural frequency from the universe having cosmic healing abilities and attracting a huge audience to the music. Music is tuned to below a semitone, way lower than the standard A=440Hz, it gives direct access to one of the universe’s hidden treasures. The 432Hz has no relation with a specific Hz. This is because it is a multiplication of a ratio between C and A with C being 1 and a being 27/16. This is similar to 432/256, which applies to any given base frequency.How to operate Solfeggio Frequencies

Some steps for using the solfeggio frequencies are;

  • Moving to a quiet place away from any form of distraction: the silent place should be a place where you feel most welcome and free to express who you are. It can be a closet, bedroom, backyard, or an open field. In case you have a hectic life, for the elimination of distractions and noise, just try your best.

  • Get a place that is comfortable enough for you to either lie down or sit. It can be a couch, bed, or a nice floor spot. Position yourself in a way that you find most comfortable. The style which works efficiently when meditating is the lotus position, but it is not a necessary sitting posture.

  • Select a suitable track that you will start with. The solfeggio frequencies do not have a particular order to be followed. You can start from the last; backward to the beginning. Add the frequencies to a playlist and play them through, ensuring your favorite frequencies are on repeat. You can set the playlist to a reshuffle for a random selection.

  • Set the frequencies at a volume you are comfortable with. The music sounds used for healing are best set at low to moderate volume as it is meant for relaxation. Every person will have a personal volume preference. It is advisable always to experiment so that you get the appropriate volume that works for you.

  • Relax yourself when listening. Healing music is best used for meditation or when trying to maintain focus and remain relaxed, for instance, when reading or working on a computer. Solfeggio frequencies are ideal at any time, including when you are asleep. The frequencies should never be listened to when performing tasks requiring your full attention.

  • Continue using the music as there are no pre-set time or magical time for listening to the healing 432 Hz frequencies. The music can be listened to for an entire day, some minutes, or for some few hours. There is a need for listening to solfeggio frequencies regularly. The benefits will, however, be noticed after some months.

Scientific Studies & Research-

    According to research, the solfeggio frequencies were lost because of different application tuning. The olden days tuning practices employed a tuning system called “Just Intonation.” It featured pure intervals at the mid-point of every note, mathematically relating to ratios leading to pure sounds.

A study by Joachim Ernst-Berendt states that the twelve-tone equal temperament mistunes all the constant intervals, other than the octave. The modern scale creates situations like ‘boxed-in’ thinking, suppressed, and stuffed emotions lacking consciousness or fear based, where they all tend to progress to physical symptoms known as disease.

Research indicates that the current-day musical scale is very much out of sync when compared to the very first and original Solfeggio scale. For the sake of harmony in life, the dissonant scale from the west should be replaced with a webbed subtle having clear interval-like relationships for solfeggio music. Music should be a tool for raising human methods and nature for connecting the source or sources. 

Tuning back to perfect vibrations will require great genius plus electromagnetic engineering. Nikola Tesla once said that knowing the magnificence detailed by 3, 6, and 9 will allow one to know the key to a peaceful universe. The numbers 3, 6, and 9 are fundamental vibration roots made for solfeggio frequencies. 

Albert Einstein further added that, on the matter, we have been wrong. Matter is energy having lowered vibrations perceptible to their senses. Every matter-being vibrate at quite specified rates, making everything to have their own melody. Musical nature for nuclear matter obtained from atoms to the galaxies is already recognized by the sciences. 

This makes frequencies to be very powerful, creating an opportunity for creating original tones from heavenly spheres, putting the body into some balanced resonance. Solfeggio music can either be thrown away or used for harmony, health, general well-being, and healing as they hold the key to our universe. Music can either be played for the soul, or even thrown away.

   We can describe 432 Hz as just a regular number lacking special significance over the others, but that is not the case. Tuning music to a specified frequency does not unlock its cosmic powers, neither does it improve or reduce the music sound. There isn’t a set specified rule to be used by musicians when tuning A=440 Hz. Musicians ought to learn the alternate tunings appropriately for various viable reasons for instruments such as build and timber and the historical background for any compositions and their historic demands. Otherwise, music should be fun for experimentation and creativity. Standards should never hold anyone back from having fun.

   Vibration forms part of life. It is the basis for everything, and every vibration will have its very own frequency. Exposing the body to solfeggio frequencies will ensure you achieve balance and deep healing. The frequencies will align your body with tones and rhythms, forming the universe basis. The frequencies can be chanted during meditation as they penetrate deep into both the subconscious and conscious mind.